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Are You Worried About Qualifying For A Personal Loan?

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Ways to Find the Best Loans for Blacklisted People

Unsecured loans for blacklisted people are the best way to financial health again, should you be blacklisted or judgments, garnishee appears on tour credit record.  It is also very easy to find them and apply with them.

Things you should be aware of when applying for a blacklisted loan.

The majority of financial lenders will be able to assist you when looking for a personal unsecured blacklisted loan, however it is not advisable to contact one of the normal banks as they usually require a good credit record.

Luckily there are there are financial lenders throughout South Africa who have the consumers best interest at heart, even if they are blacklisted, and will give every client’s application the 100% attention it deserves. 

The interest on the loans obtained from the micro lender who specialize in bad credit loans will normally be higher than that of the normal bank.  As this type of loan is considered a high risk they do need to protect themselves as well.

Where to find the lenders assisting with unsecured loans for blacklisted people?

It is as easy as one, two. three. You may find the most convenient way using the internet to visit their websites. Most of them do have a website and you save a lot of time by doing business this way as you do not have to go to them physically.

You can also find them through newspaper ads or bulletin boards.

Another benefit is that nearly all of them are making use of faxes or emails and do not request original documentation.

What documentation is requested when you need to apply for a loan?

A clear id copy, latest salary advise, bank statement and proof of address are required.

It is essential for them to have all the requested documentation so they can give you the best offer possible.

 Why do they need al these personal documents?

Reckless lending is against the law and without these documents they are unable to work out the correct affordability.

Your personal details stay confidential and will not be given to any third party, they merely use it as a tool helping them establishing how they can assist the consumer who are in need of a bad credit loan the best.   

Do you need to be in a certain age group to qualify for a personal loan?

The answer is yes. Mostly it is between the ages of 18 and 65, but can be different form product to product.  The micro lender usually has a variety of products to offer to the consumer.  Each of them has their own minimum criteria to be met.

Loans for blacklisted people are designed to help you come out of debt again.


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