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Loans For Bad Credit

Loans for bad credit are easy obtainable in South Africa.  People who got blacklisted due to the severe economic stress we all had to experience in our country can get back on their feet again.

You can apply at any micro lenders in South Africa who specializes in loans for bad credit.

Loans for Bad Credit: What does an unsecured loan mean?

These loans are unsecured micro loans. They mostly concentrate on helping people  on the blacklist.  They differ from a personal loan from the bank as you need no security in applying for this type of loan.

Loans for Bad Credit - Can they assist people that are not blacklisted?

Yes most of them are able to do that as they usually have different products to offer to these clients that have no blemishes on their name.

Loans for bad credit - What is the Criteria?

The criteria for loans for bad credit are different from these for the people with a clear record, as these are considered as a high risk to the lender.

Who can apply for these loans for bad credit?

If you are between the ages of 18 and 65 you can apply, as long as you are permanently employed and your salary gets paid electronically or by internet into your bank account

Loans for Bad Credit - What documentation is needed?

The usual documents required form these loans are:

1. Your latest month’s salary advice if you receive your salary monthly.
Latest four if salary gets paid weekly.

2. Latest 2 months bank statement where at leas two salary deposits appear.

3. Clear id copy

4. Proof of residential address in the form of an account not older than 3 months.

Do I need to go to the micro lenders in person?

No, in most cases it is not necessary as the documentation can be send to them by fax/email.  Most of them are working copies.  So no need for you to run around, they will do the “running around” to find you the best product to suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Are the unsecured micro loans available if you have garnishees – Yes it is

Can you have judgments – Yes you can

Can you be assisted if you defaulted on your account payments – Yes you can

Can they help everyone – Yes, if they met the minimum criteria required on these loans

Can they help?

People under administration – unfortunately not
Under debt review – no
Bankrupt/Insolvent - no

Cellphone contracts

Some of these lenders can also assist you in obtaining a cell phone contract with the latest handsets available, even if you are blacklisted.

In today’s society a cell phone is a necessity and no more a luxury.

These people are committed in helping people in financial need by means of their loans for bad credit.  Never be ashamed to approach them as they really have your interest at heart.

What to look out for

Please beware of the unregistered “loan sharks” and only use people who’s companies are registered.

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E Msimango, Eastern Cape



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