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Are You Worried About Qualifying For A Personal Loan?

Perhaps You Don't Have A Good Credit Record?.

Worry no more, Global Finance Can Help you!.

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Loans for Blacklisted up to R100,000 - Bad Credit No Problem!

Global Finance specializes in getting loans for blacklisted people, and if your bank has declined your loan, then you may think that you have no other choice.

But, you do have choices and no matter what your credit score or how many black marks exist on your credit record, you cannot be discriminated against just because you want to apply for a loan with bad credit.

At Global Finance we specialize in loans for people with bad credit.  We
can provide you with a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE in minutes and this makes everything on your part less time-consuming and highly advanced.

Our goal is to provide people with unsecured bad credit loans that meets their needs and expectations.  You will get much better results and lots of options that is not easily available anywhere else. 

If your next payday is far, this is the ideal opportunity to get the finance you need today.

Loans for Blacklisted People & Debt Consolidation

Most people don’t realize that they don’t have to approach their bank
when looking for a  personal loan. Your bank will look at your credit history which includes any late payments, judgments, defaults etc. and they
won’t give you a bad credit loan if your credit record is poor.

The reason for this is because banks don’t want to borrow money to
people who they view as high risk clients. So, approaching your bank is
not the best idea if you don’t have an excellent credit record.

Your bank will just request a credit report from the credit bureaus just to decline your loan which will affect your credit score negatively.

You should rather make use of lenders who specializes in loans for blacklisted people and who offer bad credit loans to South Africans.

These lenders are more than happy to help people with bad credit loans even if their credit record is extremely poor. Since January 2000, we have helped thousands of South Africans to obtain a personal loan to help them
improve their lives. 

Loans for Blacklisted People up to R100,000

If you are drowning in a sea of debt and if you need money urgently then you have come to the right place. All your problems can be solved with a personal loan of up to R100,000.

Qualifying for a bad credit loan is very easy and remember you can qualify for a personal loan even if you do have a bad credit history.

Whether you want to consolidate your debt, start your own business, pay for studies, weddings, holidays, renovate your house, buy furniture etc,
we can help you.

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- Are older than 20 with a regular income of R1,500 pm

- Are permanently employed and have proof of income (2 months or longer)

- Have a valid South African ID and bank account

- Can't be under Debt Counselling or Administration

Loans for blacklisted People – Click Here Now


-  Lowest rates

-  You can qualify for any amount up to R100 000

-  Repayments up to 60 months

-  No security needed - no personal belongings needed to qualify

-  No annual fees to be paid

-  You can apply online or phone us 5 days a week

-  Funds can be deposited directly into your personal bank account

-  Use the money as you want to

There is no risk on your part.  You can apply for a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE online or contact us on:

021 981 1916 / 074 187 7812


We specialize in personal loans for blacklisted people

Just complete * info sheet and e-mail to us with your:

-  latest month’s salary advise

-  3 months bank statements

-  copy of ID

*Download the info sheet here

What Clients Have Said:

Global Finance helped me when I needed it most and my bank didn't want to...

T. Dolo, Johannesburg

I got a R70 000 loan - now I can buy a car and pay off some of my debts.

E Msimango, Eastern Cape

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